Northern Notts Sport!


Notts Sport this week have added to their portfolio of european ChildsPlay installations. Iceland is now the latest country to have Notts Sport playground surfacing. A very interesting fact about this installation in Reykjavik is that it is now the most northerly ChildsPlay surface on the planet at 64.08°N.

The previous record was held by Kokkola, Finland which was 63.50°N and the most southern Notts Sport installation is in New Zealand at 45.22°S. Hopefully in the not to distant future Notts Sport will be breaking the record once again when they plan to install in Fairbanks, Alaska which will be 64.50°N.Featured image

Notts Sport’s most southern installation in New Zealand

Notts Sport have worked in over 20 countries across the globe and they still continue the tick new ones of the list. They have recently installed their first facility in India.

Notts Sport are now exporting more than they ever were and this is believed to be down to the strong durable product. If you have any questions or queries regarding a any synthetic surfacing solutions then please do not hesitate in contacting Notts Sport. Email or call 01455 883 730.


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