Non-Turf Cricket Facility Refurbishment


Many people assume that an artificial grass cricket pitch is revitalised by simply replacing a new top surface carpet once the old one is worn.

The top surface is extremely important as it provides grip for the player and the ball.  Of course, your facility will ‘look’ new after a resurface – as indeed the viewable top carpet layer will be new – but it is important to realise that this will not necessarily improve the performance of your pitch or net area if performance problems have been identified.  You need to look below the surface…

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It depends greatly upon the original selections that your organisation made when installing the facility in the first place.

Shock padding suitable to help keep the sub-base aggregate free from major disturbance is a wise investment.  Undulations caused gradually by activity on the pitch will need rectifying – an unlevel pitch base is a very common cause of ball bounce consistency problems.

The amount of maintenance you have carried out will also have a bearing.  If the aggregate base has lost compaction, this will result in a near pro-rate percentage lowering of the bounce.  If the base is re-compacted to recover this, can occasional rolling be maintained thereafter to retain the compaction?  If this is not realistic, then a wicket to wicket performance pad is strongly advised to maintain consistency.

After the above investigation, the merits of a new top surface carpet can be discussed in terms of which quality should be replacing the old as different grades are available offering different expected lifespan.

The Notts Sport Refurbishment Service is designed to analyse totally all elements of your non-turf cricket pitch or net area.

During a site visit our Area Manager’s will carry out an evaluation of the total condition and performance (including bounce, pace, levels, wear, stability, drainage etc).

A discussion with the client to confirm end user requirements will enable an exact refurbishment specification to be written to meet your performance, maintenance and lifespan requirement.

As with new build projects, Notts Sport Ltd offer this consultancy expertise free of charge.

Written By Mark Coeshaw – Director of Cricket and Play


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