Today we went to a desert island


What is the most effective way of using your play area to stimulate imagination and transform thinking?

A play area can contain a sandpit and some swings. A play area can have a tunnel. A play area can become…

Anything – providing it is built with the right materials and utilises lots of bright colours.

So we have developed a process that gives us up to 15 colours on a surface which encourages activities and interactive, educational play.

It is soft and tactile to touch yet tough enough to endure the stresses and strains of everyday toddler play. And because the surface isn’t sand filled, it offers the ideal solution for play areas both indoors and out.

What’s more it lasts. The typical lifespan of ChildsPlay Nursery is 8 to10 years and it offers limitless potential for imaginative play through its bespoke design possibilities and wide range of bright colours available.

It can be laid over all types of existing surfaces (both inside and out) including concrete, asphalt and rubber – or set out as a completely new installation. It also offers improved grip and can be used immediately after rain.

As you’ll see, every playground is different – which is why the imagination can take off in leaps and bounds. We haven’t yet had a parent come into a nursery following a child’s report about going to a desert island, saying that he/she had not given permission for the child to leave the country – but it is a possibility.

These playgrounds really do become a new world.

There are more pictures and information on our website.

Alternatively, to arrange a free site survey please call us on 01455 883 730 or email us at

Written by Keith Parker – Regional ChildsPlay Sales Manager 


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