Notts Sport are the choice of Lord’s


Along with Wembley, Twickenham and The Yankee Stadium, Lord’s is one of the most famous and prestigious sporting stadiums on the planet. Lord’s has been established since 1814 making it one of world’s oldest stadiums.

Notts Sport have recently installed two practice lanes and one match pitch on the Nursery Ground where some of the biggest names in the sport train before they grace the famous Lord’s pitch. The Nursery Ground backs onto the futuristic media centre and it is here where fans can watch Alastair Cook and Michael Clarke preparing their sides as they fight for The Urn in this summer’s Ashes Series.

Featured image

Notts Sport’s Director of Cricket, Mark Coeshaw, was absolutely delighted with the installation at Lord’s and had this to say; “Being a very eager cricket fan it is a great honour that we will be working alongside Lord’s to deliver a top class facility, Lord’s is one of those places which is recongised by millions of people around the world and for them to be using our product is something to be very proud about”.

Notts Sport changed the old woven surfaces as the groundsman was not satisfied with the performance as it required a lot of maintenance, The Notts Sport tufted surface has now provided the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) with their desired pitch and is now fit for international cricketers.

Notts Sport is the world’s leading supplier of non-turf cricket pitches, with over 10,000 installations in their 30 year history. Notts Sport has dealt with such a wide range of customers ranging from small village cricket clubs to the high profile likes of Lord’s.

Does this spell the end of the tufted and woven argument? Possibly but one thing is for sure; Notts Sport are the choice of Lord’s.


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