Notts Sport Tufted Cricket Surface – The Choice of Lord’s.


With Lord’s Cricket Ground choosing Notts Sport’s NottsGrass NG12 Tufted surface for the upgrade of their match and practice facilities, I thought I would take a look back to when we first introduced a tufted surface to cricket. Some would say that using a tufted surface for Cricket is a new or unproven concept, but this is definitely not the case.

Looking back at my records, we first developed and introduced a tufted surface for our non-turf cricket pitches back in 2000. That’s a 15 year proven track record with a lot of installations and time to develop what is currently the best cricket surface available.

We didn’t take the development lightly either, enlisting the help and expertise of Sheffield Hallam University, utilising the latest technology at the time to ensure that the surface would perform as well, if not better, than a woven surface. One example of this was filming the ball coming off the surface with a high speed video camera in order the make sure the tufts didn’t have an adverse effect on the performance of the ball when compared to Woven.

Notts Sport Tufted Cricket Surface - The Choice of Lords

Notts Sport Tufted Cricket Surface – The Choice of Lords

Over the years we have continued our research development, which led to the inclusion of the surface in two of our systems which gained ECB approval and eventually all of our systems, when the realisation dawned that tufted was out-performing the woven in terms of wear & tear, as can be seen at the Tufted or Woven website

The new installation at Lord’s feels like the final seal of approval for the work we started 15 years ago to introduce tufted surfaces to the world of cricket, and makes me proud to have been part of that original development.


Written by Steve Foxon, Director or Technical Services at Notts Sport.


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