Indianapolis World Sports Park to host International Cricket Tournament


In 2014 Notts Sport installed a Cricket match pitch and practice facility at The Indianapolis World Sports Park in the USA. The sports park has now been announced as the hosts for an International cricket tournament this spring. Canada, Bermuda, Suriname and the USA are the countries participating in this event. The Pepsi ICC have announced that the T20 Championship will be held from the 3rd to the 9th of May and it has been a very long time coming for American cricket fans who were supposed to have a cricket event held here last year before it was controversially cancelled.   

Mark Coeshaw from Notts Sport who was at the forefront in supplying the pitch had this to say,“We are supplying more and more facilities in to the US, interest seems to have really gained momentum over the last few years. The World Sports Park is a fantastic ‘flagship’ site for US cricket and so it’s great that they have selected Notts Sport and quite rightly have chosen the very best performing, longest lasting, most cost effective system for such a prestigious site.  The portable Powerplay Instant Pitch is, in particular, proving to be remarkably popular within North America as it facilitates cricket where the sport is new and/or traditional pitches have not been developed”. The Notts Sport pitch, which is a 30m ECB Approved NottsBase ‘D’ System NG12, was installed in May 2014 along with a Triple Lane Practice facility and a Powerplay Instant Cricket System. Simon Glover from Notts Sport who helped install the facility with Don Zanzie from Turf Solutions Group had this to say “It was a pleasure installing this pitch, The Indianapolis World Sports Park is a truly state of the art facility and I am thrilled to see that an International Cricket Tournament will be played there”. Simon has been in the Synthetic Surfacing business for 24 years and also said this “I have installed hundreds of sport and playground surfaces all around the world but the Indianapolis World Sports Park is one which always stands out”.

The Championship will act as a qualifier and the top two teams will proceed to the ICC World T20 tournament 2016 which is being held in India. Many believe this event could kick start cricket in the USA for a country which really loves its sport. “Being an ex-cricket player and still being involved as a fan, I love to see as much cricket as possible, and for me it is like a dream come true” Said Patel from the American Cricket Federation.

Notts Sport are the world’s leading supplier of non-turf cricket pitches and they have installed over 10,000 pitches worldwide. They are the official partner of the Pepsi ICC Development Programme, the Official Supplier of Cricket Ireland and they also supply ECB approved pitch systems.


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