Czech This Out: Notts Sport Lays Two MUGA’s In The Czech Republic


In the summer of 2014, their 30th year in business, Notts Sport laid two multi-use games areas (MUGA) in the Czech Republic. With one MUGA in Slavicin and the other in Vratimov, the Czech Republic has proved to be a successful area for business for Notts Sport.

Before Notts Sport’s involvement, the areas focused upon in the two respected towns were worn out artificial grass areas that did not appeal to the local communities. Notts Sport gave the each society a new lease of life by installing the VHAF NottsSward 1300 Sand Filled Needle Punched Carpet. Both installations were done in a short period of time, with the MUGA in Slavicin taking 4 days to install, and the one in Vratimov taking 3 weeks to complete (thus showing how efficient Notts Sport are when managing a project).

Featured image

Pictured: Notts Sport MUGA facility in Vratimov

Notts Sport is not only a nation wide company, but also a thriving international brand, with work being carried out everywhere from New York to Nigeria. Notts Sport is always looking for ways to improve and grow as a business, and the export industry is certainly a profitable avenue to pursue.

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