Tufted Cricket Surfaces Come Out On Top In Independent Tests


Tufted synthetic turf cricket surfaces are nearly twice as durable as woven ones, according to new independent analysis based on the British Standard test used by the ECB.

Notts Sport, has long been confident that its hard-wearing tufted surfaces are a cut above outdated woven manufactured pitches – and now has the independent evidence to prove it.

In research carried out by sports surface and equipment testing specialist Labosport, the two surfaces used on Notts Sport’s leading ECB-approved cricket systems – the premium NottsGrass NG12 carpet and its lower-cost alternative NottsGrass NG7 – were subjected to rigorous abrasion testing alongside a woven surface.

The research was based on the British Standard test for ‘Abrasion resistance of non-filled surfaces’ (BS EN 13672), which is used by the ECB in its own TS6 testing for non-turf cricket surfaces. In this case, however, the test was continued for a prolonged period to find out how the respective surfaces would stand up to sustained use over a greater length of time.

At the end of the test, the woven surface had a percentage mass loss of 14.985% of its original weight – nearly twice as much as was lost by both Notts Sport’s NG12 surface (7.914%) and NG7 (8.144%).

The results provide a compelling case for choosing a tufted artificial cricket pitch over a woven surface every time.

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Chairman Shaun Patrick said: “At Notts Sport, we’ve been installing tufted cricket pitches for 14 years and in all that time we’ve never been called out to repair any of them or asked to send out any patch repair kits, so we already knew how durable these surfaces are.

“Unlike other industry tests which have been publicised recently, Labosport’s analysis has been carried out in accordance with the ECB’s preferred testing methods, and our NG7 and NG12 products were also tested in comparison to one of the higher priced woven surfaces, which we felt would give a much fairer and more accurate result than comparing a top-of-the-range product with a lower-budget surface.”

The ECB TS6 document covers ‘Performance standards for non-turf cricket pitches intended for outdoor use’ and its test involves a specially-designed machine with abrasive wheels being applied to the surface. This simulates the effect of continuous use on the pitch with non-spiked footwear, as spiked footwear is not recommended for non-turf surfaces.

During the research carried out by Labosport, this test was continued to 5,000 revolutions and then 11,000 revolutions and on both occasions, the NG7 and NG12 surfaces exhibited considerably less wear than the woven surface. Final results were based on the average weight-loss figures of four samples of each of the three materials.

The summary of the Labosport analysis concludes: “After 5,000 cycles NG12 had a weight loss percentage of 2.258, NG7 had a weight loss percentage of 2.157 and Wilton Weave had a higher loss percentage of 5.476.

“Following the extended wear testing to a total of 11,000 cycles, NG12 and NG7 continued to have similar weight loss with much better performance than the Wilton Weave.”

Customers choosing a Notts Sport surface benefit from a ten-year warranty, with a typical life expectancy of 12 years of more.

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